Phil Disera

Ukulele was indeed my first musical instrument. My father showed me some basics when I was five, then I quickly taught myself more and more by ear. Soon after, I transitioned to guitar and piano; there was a brief portion of my lifetime when I didn't even own a ukulele! This tiny yet fully potential instrument has an interesting way of resurfacing historically, and certainly in my life personally. At some point about a decade ago I had the idea to come back to it. I tried re-stringing it in a more linear fashion, making the instrument measurably more adept at playing Jazz with a wider melodic and chordal range. As with many things in the ukulele world however, I found that this trick had already been discovered. In fact Jazz music on ukulele has been around for a long time, however this is my venture. I deliberately did not listen to other player's projects. The big question in my mind: How much could I get out of this tiny instrument both sonically and harmonically?